ICICI Lombard – Health AdvantEdge policy

What is ICICI Lombard Health AdvantEdge policy?

No one plans to fall sick but most people will need medical care at some point in their life. Right from the first doctor’s visit, to the lab tests, and pharmacy bills, the mounting expenses pertaining to full treatment can be burdensome. To help you in your illness and wellness journey, ICICI Lombard’s Health AdvantEdge is a holistic plan designed to cater to your healthcare needs at all stages.

This policy is one of the few healthcare products that offers all-round wellness and preventive care benefits. Some of the value-added services under the Wellness program include reward points for inculcating healthy habits. Under this cover, the policyholder can also avail services such as video/tele consultation, pharmacy and diagnostic services, online chat with doctors, second opinion, and more.

The policy also has benefits such as pre-existing disease cover flexibility, domestic and air ambulance and convalescence benefit. It provides an additional cover against 20 critical illnesses including cancer. These add-ons also includes maternity insurance for both mother and the newborn baby.

Why do you need to purchase Health AdvantEdge policy?

Many people often suffer through curable illnesses due to a lack of financial resources. Some meet the spurting expenses by losing their savings and possessions; especially when they don’t have a critical illness insurance. With rising healthcare costs and the sudden onset of diseases, health insurance has become a necessity even for the fittest individuals.

From the youngest to oldest member of our society, everyone deserves access to good quality medical resources. Health Insurance is the financial backup that helps millions of Indians every day from going bankrupt during medical emergencies.

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Why you need this Plan ?
Top reason to buy ICICI Lombard Health AdvantEdge policy
Restore benefit for sum insured
No-claim bonus

24×7 video/telephone consultation
Convalescence bonus (Hospital daily cash)

Health rewards
Pre-existing disease cover

Domiciliary hospitalization
Domestic Air Ambulance

Personal accident
Maternity cover

New born baby and vaccine cover
Bariatric surgery cover