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Motor Insurances or Vehicle Insurances are purchased for all the vehicles four-wheeler and Multi-axle. These insurances provide coverage against theft or physical damage of the vehicle caused due to human error or natural calamities.

Motor Insurance Plan is a simple document among other documents for any vehicle but it is a compulsory document as per the Motor Vehicles Act in India. The Motor Vehicle Insurance provides complete care for the damage of the vehicle in any unexpected unfortunate incident as it is a known fact that it takes more effort to buy a vehicle. The cost incurred for repairing the slight damages is too high and it is prudent to purchase a Motor Insurance to get the best out of a lot.

Imagine your vehicle bumped into another car accidentally. Repairing frontal damages such as the bonnet, bumper damages, windshield damages and headlights may cost you easily around 50,000 to 60,000. It is the most difficult thing to pay that out of your pocket. Right? A motor insurance helps you take care of such unexpected expenses.
The third party motor insurance cover is mandatory in India. It covers any damage caused to a third party due to your car.

As part of the Optional Personal Accident cover, you can opt for a motor insurance cover that covers accidents anywhere in the world regardless of who is driving the car. Under this cover, you are insured against Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disablement.

The benefits of motor insurance along with the amazing discounts are a tempting reason to opt for a vehicle insurance purchase online.

Commercial vehicles are those that are not used for personal purposes. These are goods carrying vehicles, and they include vehicles such as trucks and HMVs. There are many commercial vehicle insurance products available in the market. They provide coverage for accidental damages to vehicles, personal injury, third-party liability, property damages, etc. Companies that operate a fleet of motor vehicles can take fleet motor insurance and save money on premium charges.