HDFC Life Guaranteed Pension Plan

A non linked non-participating pension plan

Everyone loves financial independence, to enjoy and live a comfortable lifestyle. There is no reason why these should stop after retirement. After all the years of hard work, money should not be the concern for you to decide how you would spend your retirement. A smart way to ensure a regular income stream post retirement is buying an Annuity plan. HDFC Life Pension Guaranteed Plan is a single premium annuity product which provides a regular guaranteed income for lifetime.

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Why you need this Plan ?
Guaranteed Additions of 3% of sum assured get accrued for each completed policy year
A lump sum Vesting Addition payable at vesting

Premium payment term of 5, 7 and 10 years
Policy term ranging from 10 to 20 years

Assured Death Benefit of total premiums paid to date accumulated at a guaranteed rate of 6% per annum compounded annually
Tax benefit on premiums paid under section 80 CCC of the Income Tax Act, 1961

Get a lump sum vesting benefit which is a sum of sum assured on vesting, Guaranteed Additions as well as Vesting Addition
Policy Term Vesting Additions (as % of SA) Policy Term Vesting Additions (as % of SA)
10 years 30% 16 years 48%
11 years 33% 17 years 51%
12 years 36% 18 years 54%
13 years 39% 19 years 57%
14 years 42% 20 years 60%
15 years 45%