HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Super

A Non-Linked, Non-Participating, Individual, Pure Risk Premium / Savings Life Insurance Plan

In this day and age of uncertainty, it is crucial to stay protected and secure your family’s future against any ambiguity that life may bring. To help cope with these uncertainties, HDFC Life is proud to present Click 2 Protect Super, an intelligent term plan that provides benefits as per your altering lifestyle and life stage needs and helps you and your family stay truly protected.

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Why you need this Plan ?
A Term Plan that adjusts to your needs and protects your family against uncertainties!
Increasing Death Benefit-
You can increase the lump sum payable in case of unfortunate demise up to twice the amount under Life Option.
Return of Premiums paid –
You can get back all the premiums you have paid 2 , in case of survival till maturity.

Family coverage –
You will get an option to choose additional cover for your spouse
Comprehensive Protection-
You can get protection against accidental death 4  and disability 5 , critical illnesses 6.

Increase financial coverage-
You can increase coverage amount during major life events.