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Traveling is one of the most important activities in any individual’s life. It might be a family or a solo or a business purpose or Leisure or study trips. In all these instances we just expect a hassle-free and peaceful journey. Your journey might be domestic or international. Many insurance plans cover your back at every step of the journey and take good care of you and your family against any adverse situations including medical and travel inconveniences.


Most of the insurance plans cover the following

  • Medical Expenses
  • Loss/Damage of Passport
  • Complete loss of checked-in baggage
  • Delay of checked-in baggage
  • Trip delay
  • Trip cancellation or interruption
  • Missed Connections
  • Compassionate visit
  • Home burglary insurance

No matter of your destinations, travel insurances secure you and your family!

You can choose which coverage to opt for on the basis of your specific requirement. Travel plans and policy offer coverage against all possible emergency situations during transit.

Domestic travel insurance is meant for customers who are travelling within the country. It provides coverage for medical emergencies, permanent disability and death, checked-in lost/stolen baggage, travel delay and personal liability.

International travel insurance offers protection from a number of contingencies for overseas travelers during international travel. It provides comprehensive coverage for medical expenses overseas, hijacks, baggage and travel delays, and repatriations/evacuation to India, and loss of travel documents/passport besides the usual coverage.

Student Travel Insurance is a travel policy designed for students travelling abroad on a student visa to pursue higher studies. The policy covers students who are going colleges, universities or institutes in a foreign country for academic or professional courses. There is minimum paperwork involved in student plans. The coverage is comprehensive and provides for expenses incurred on medical treatment, passport loss, and study interruptions.

Medical travel insurance is a short-term travel insurance plan formulated to cover specifically the health care and medical expenses incurred such as medical emergency and evacuation etc. when an individual travels overseas. The exact inclusions and exclusions depend upon the insurance provider from whom the medical travel insurance plan is purchased.

Group travel insurance, as the name suggests, is a type of travel insurance policy that covers a bunch of people who are not related to each other by blood and are travelling to a distant place together. This group of people could be members of a club, who are going on an international trip to participate in an activity or something. A group travel insurance policy in such a case saves thousands on the premium.

Senior citizen travel insurance is for people who belong to the age group of 61-70 years. It is a travel medical insurance policy aimed at senior citizens to make their travel a pleasant experience. It includes coverage for dental treatments and cashless hospitalization besides the usual benefits associated with travel insurance.

A family travel Insurance plan insures the entire family of the insured individual from travel-related emergencies. This plan covers hospitalization (travel medical insurance), baggage loss, and other incidental expenses. The claim disbursement is easy with minimal paperwork involved.

This travel insurance offers extended coverage usually for a year, specially designed for frequent fliers for multiple trips so that they don’t have to apply for insurance every time they travel.

It is suggested to avail this type of travel insurance to cover the duration of a single trip. This insurance plan covers the medical (travel health insurance) and non-medical emergencies during travel including coverage for loss of checked-in baggage.

Corporate travel insurance India covers the international and domestic trips of employees of an organization.